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Daylight’s saving has come and gone and now we have even more sun than before! That’s right, it’s finally the brightest time of the year! With this time of the year comes a whole new season of amazing hair colors. In addition to the classic brunettes, red heads and blondes, spring and summer bring us more hair colors from the rainbow. 

This spring, you can expect to see beautiful bold colors that aren’t just in flowers and dresses, but are in hair too! Switching up hair color with the change of the season is something that clients will begin asap and will linger throughout the summer months, so it’s best to get a head start on all of the hottest color trends. 

Blissfully Blue

Rain clouds are blown away by the time spring and summer roll around, which means you’re going to see a lot more blue skies! The sudden change in weather will definitely have your clients taking inspiration from the bright blue sky and asking for a similar color. Take it from this client who was given some blissfully blue hair! This electrifying blue was created with Keune Color Chameleon - BLUE.


Orange Creamsicle

Is there anything better than enjoying a delicious orange creamsicle on a hot summer day? Actually, we can think of one thing! Having orange creamsicle-inspired hair! Your clients have been stuck inside for the past year, so instead of giving them a classic orange, spice it up a bit by adding a few golden yellow hues. This perfect balayage pairs well with a 70s-inspired hairstyle like this client received from her stylist! While the two tones of color with this hairstyle are quite distinct and reflect the brightness of the sun, we recommend that you suggest your clients use the Keune Care Sun Shield Oil to protect their beautiful tresses from harmful UV rays of the summer sun.


Rose Colored Glasses

Everything is coming up roses! Your clients will go crazy for this delightful hair color trend. The various shades of rose in this look are magical and are totally worthy of being a top spring and summer trend. The Keune Color Chameleon line has multiple red and pink shades that can be helpful in creating this look, or in this case a mix of Semi Gloss Soft Pink, Peach + 5.56 can instantly help give you this effortless rosy hue that really pulls this look together. When you finish giving your client this amazing color, treat them to a few styling tips that can help show off all of the luscious layers of color. While waves are always welcome, show them how to create mini space buns or a classic half-up, half-down look!