5de646c5e955282cd78d smoothing treatment myths

Looking to get a smoothing treatment, but are too afraid to take the plunge? Unfortunately, smoothing treatments have gotten bad rap lately, and while some treatments can indeed be more damaging than others, plenty of services are designed to give you frizz-free locks without the risk. Here, we debunk common smoothing treatment myths and prove just how much the service can improve the look and feel of your hair.

Myth #1: All smoothing treatments are formulated with toxic formaldehydes.

Soon after smoothing treatments hit the market, users began to realize what ingredient caused their ultra-wavy, frizz-prone hair to dry smoother and straighter: formaldehyde. Many manufacturers took note of people’s reaction to the carcinogen and began developing formaldehyde-free formulas, such as the Cezanne Classic and Express Smoothing Treatments, which deliver the same silky, frizz-free results as classic keratin treatments without the harmful ingredients.

Myth #2: Smoothing treatments will ultimately dry out your strands.

While some services are drying, the Cezanne Classicand Express Smoothing Treatments are formulated to deliver intense moisturization thanks to powerhouse ingredient glycolic acid. Much like glycolic acid exfoliates and hydrates your skin, it keeps strands moisturized with an overall healthy and youthful appearance. Plus, the Cezanne Smoothing Treatments contain sericin, a component commonly found in silk, to give your locks an ultra-soft and silky feel.

Myth #3: Smoothing treatments completely change your natural texture.

If you love to rock your curls or waves on a daily basis, don’t rule out a smoothing treatment. The Cezanne Classic and Express Smoothing Treatments are formulated to give you the best version of your hair without sacrificing your natural texture. While the keratin proteins in the system will make your strands straighter, they will not get rid of your wave or curl pattern. The Cezanne treatments simply make your hair more manageable, smoother and softer and allow you to pretty much wash-and-go as desired.

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