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Struggling to get your curls to behave? We’ve all been there! Each head of hair has such a unique texture pattern made up of waves, curls and coils. This is why it is no surprise that working with your natural pattern to get the hairstyle you’re after can sometimes be a battle. The good news is — it doesn’t have to be. With a few key styling tips and a helping hand from your hairstylist, you can easily embrace and enjoy your texture.

What Is “Textured” Hair?

In hairstyling, texture can refer to haircut techniques, the impact of products and styling finishes as well as the shape someone’s natural hair can take on. Below, we’re discussing all the beautiful ways you can refine naturally textured hair to help your curl pattern really shine. 

Care Tips for Texture

Highly textured hair benefits greatly from hydration. By adding extra nourishment and condition from the start, hair will be better defined and you’ll find yourself with much less frizz and separation. 

  • Comb hair from tip to root before you shower
  • Turn down the heat on your shower - more tepid water leads to less damage and more shine
  • Use a microfiber cloth to gently blot the hair instead of a terrycloth towel
  • Comb through the hair in the shower and be very minimal with touching strands after
  • Pick wash days wisely, highly textured hair often benefits from the extended time between cleansing to allow natural oils to nourish strands

Styling Techniques 

Once hair is cleansed, develop a styling routine that works well for your individual texture. 

  • Does your hair respond well to combing after showering or does it cause hair to separate and become frizzy?
  • Does air drying work better for your pattern than diffuse drying?
  • Does your hair respond better to product cocktails or product layering?
  • Will you be touching up your finished style with a hot tool?

Product Picks

In the shower: 

To treat the hair to optimal nourishment while also encouraging the curl pattern with Care Curl Control Shampoo and Conditioner during your daily routine and the addition of Care Curl Control Mask every few washes to add intense hydration, shine, softness and bounce. 

Keune Care Curl Control Shampoo Keune Care Curl Control Conditioner Keune Care Curl Control Mask

For styling: 

Deciding on styling products comes down to your hair patter — wavy, curly or coily — as well as your desired finish. 

Style Curl Cream Style Salt Mist Style Dry Paste Style Humidity Shield Style Brilliant Gloss Spray


Tools for Texture

Although you will primarily want to air dry hair to keep patterns intact and cut down on damage and frizz, having a few key tools on hand is key. 

  • Professional Blow Dryer with Diffuser Attachment — whether you want to change up your look for a smooth style one day or quickly add volume and dry curls the next, a professional dryer with the diffuser attachment is ideal to have on hand at all times. 
  • Curling Iron  — A curling iron or a few of different widths can be great to touch up your texture if your hair hasn’t dried perfectly, you want to add volume and definition or touch up second-day strands. 
  • Straightening Iron — If you feel more comfortable with a straightening iron, you can use this to straighten the hair or sections of it after a smooth blowout or simply as a tool to curl and wave the hair.