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Think wearing a hat and scarf is the only way to combat winter’s harsh effects on your hair? Think again! From simple product swaps to effortless changes in your routine, everyone can rock a flawless style no matter the weather this winter.  Read on to discover our five easy hacks that promise to keep hair healthy, strong and soft as the temps drop.

#1: Say goodbye to hat hair with volumizing products

Hats and beanies may be a cute way to stay warm this winter—hat hair, on the other hand, is not so cute! A good volumizing shampoo and conditioner and a root booster are key to combating flat locks. Look for lightweight formulas that add body and thickness while restoring moisture.

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#2: Combat static with something hiding in your cabinet

Thanks to chilly temps and low humidity, hair can get very staticky during the winter. While the number one way to prevent static is to keep strands moisturized with deep conditioners and leave-in treatments, it’s also a good idea to stash a couple of dryer sheets in your purse to combat flyaways on the go. Another tip: Rub your pillow or hairbrush with a dryer sheet to prevent static before you leave the house.


#3: Keep a humidifier in your room

Staying inside with the heater on can be extremely drying to your locks. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, which will help your hair stay hydrated. For even more nourishment, try sleeping with a hair mask. The humidifier will help your hair better absorb the formula, allowing you to wake up with soft and beautiful locks! *Pro tip: apply the most necessary products to your strands as they as still sopping wet - this will help them absorb appropriately instead of staying on top of your strands and causing frizz.


#4: Double up on hair treatments

If your hair is in desperate need of some TLC during the wintertime, don’t be afraid to give it extra nourishment. Try sleeping with a hydrating oil, then apply a deep conditioner in the shower. Follow up with a hydrating leave-in treatment and your hair will feel extremely soft and rejuvenated. One thing to note: To prevent hair from getting greasy, use the treatments only once a week.

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#5: Avoid blow-drying your ends

While air-drying can result in sickness during the colder months, constant blow-drying can cause major hair damage. Instead of drying all of your hair, use a round brush to fully dry the roots and mid-lengths, then twist the ends of your hair around the brush and gently release the hair and allow it to air-dry in the wave shape. Once the hair has dried, gently break up the waves with your fingers and curl any areas that need an extra boost. The result: frizz-free, natural-looking waves without any heat damage to your ends!

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