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Spring is a time for renewal, rebirth and reinvention. Therefore, it is the perfect occasion to slough off last season’s styles and make way for new looks. While we’ve already embraced the light palette of spring fashion, what we need to do next is accept the return of one-length cuts. Some had deemed this technique as “set in the past,” but as we ride the coattails of ‘70s inspired styles, this look is perfectly fitting.

In Daniel Roldan’s latest tutorial, he showed us how to create glam waves - a look that he achieved with a one-length cut. This not only set the foundation for a beautiful style, it alluded to the return of a heavy weight line in styling.

A one-length cut is a great way to achieve volume in hair that is finer in texture or is recovering from prior damage. And when it comes to color, the placement of highlights can change the intensity of the cut’s lines without layers, therefore softening the minimalistic look without taking away from the haircut.

Our favorite way to achieve an even and balanced one-length style is by using dry cutting techniques. Although a foundation can be achieved on wet hair, it is imperative to cut on dry hair to focus on texture and precision. After blow-drying hair into the desired style, use your comb and a dry cutting scissor – a tool specially made for such techniques – to fine tune your lines. These scissors can be used for the entire haircut or just for finishing, but it is recommended to invest in a tool such as this to step up your styling game. 

For more cutting and finishing techniques, be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out all of his amazing tools available in the store!

5 3/4" Dry Cut

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