A0d0d7ee5558b217c10a half up style tutorial

In this tutorial, evo gives us a modern take on the classic half-up style. With minimal volume throughout the roots and a substantial amount throughout the ends, it dramatically changes the silhouette, offering a refreshing take on the style. This look is great on all hair types and can be worn from day to night. Follow along below!

1. Prep dry hair with Day of Grace prep spray and brush in until dry.

2. Layer Root Canal volumising spray on the hair from roots to ends and dry in on low air and low heat.

3. Split the hair from ear to ear across the back of the head and section away.

4. Apply Love Perpetua shine drops and She Bang a Bang dry spray wax to the roots and mid-lengths and create a basket weave through the top. Sew the hair to secure it with clear thread and finish with Helmut finishing lacquer.

5. Through the remaining hair, set with a medium barrel tong to create a disheveled curl.

6. Using a dressing brush, brush the hair out and lightly back brush to create volume. Once desired look is achieved, apply Haze texture powder to the hair for support and use Builder’s paradise working spray to finish and hold.

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