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On November 14thAndrew Carruthers/Culture Ambassador for Sam Villa, hosted Tailored Holiday Hair Tricks. In this live he was joined by Anna Peters/ArTeam, and Ambassadors Twylla Jane and Kauilani Goodwyn, alongside  Angela Cattaneo, Founder & CEO of beyondtheponytail BTP Society, to share tips and tricks on how to make the festive season shine with beautiful holiday hair.  

Aside from offering up helpful holiday hair tips, the team celebrated the season of giving, by raising funds for the PBA Disaster Relief Fund with the Sam Villa company.  During the live, they offered 100% matching of the first $1,000 in donations raised during the show. And donated sales of everything from 11/14 -15 to the PBA Disaster Relief Fund.  

To see what you missed, tune in here: 

Take a peek at a few of the tips featured!

The Pinch Trend

Pinching and pulling hair through the crown to accentuate the highs and lows of volume and definition is a fresh way to update styles. 

  • Pinch and pull sections at the crown
  • Compress sections with a Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr® Professional Straightening Iron – the soft beveled edges add definition and shine.

Image/Tip Courtesy of Anna Peters


Embellished Josephine Knot


A post shared by Twylla Jane  (@twyllajane)

  • Create a lazy wave by pulling sections straight out and compressing in a vertically placed Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr® Professional Straightening Iron
  • Turn iron to the right to create a “C” shaped bevel, then place the iron below turning the iron to the left to create another “C” shaped bevel moving in the opposite direction.  Repeat down the section until ends.  

Image/Tip Courtesy of Twylla Jane


Holiday Braids and Buns

Get versatile - braids are a great way to anchor and/or incorporate into a bun hairstyle whether wearing high, low or in-between. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur® Professional Texturizing Iron to pump up the volume and add grip so styles have massive texture, beautiful shape and staying power.  Add cord, accessories and/or extensions for added embellishment.

Image/Tip Courtesy of Kauilani Goodwyn (hair), MU: Gianna Stepney, Photographer: Roy Cox


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Cover Image: Courtesy of Kauilani Goodwyn (hair), MU: Gianna Stepney, Photographer: Roy Cox