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All the glitz and glamour of a wedding can be quite a treat. But, once it’s time to head on your honeymoon, you won’t have a glam squad perfecting your curls or touching up your lips! Curious what to do when the wedding is over and the glam squad wasn’t invited on the honeymoon?  Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa Ambassador and Founder of Sweetly Pinned @caraleestyles, has it covered – a low twisted bun perfect for poolside, as well as an exciting evening out. 

Easy Honeymoon Hairstyle How-To

“This is an easy style that anyone can create on themself with minimal tools and product.  It’s simple yet will elevate their look for their honeymoon to make them feel special,” says Pridemore.

Low Twisted Bun

  • Apply a volume foam to dry hair and blow dry with a Sam Villa Light Ionic Professional Hair Dryer to create texture and grip.  If at the pool or freshly showered, add a conditioner and/or oil to create the same look with a glossy finish. 
  • Create a ponytail and split it into 2 sections.
  • Wrap the left section over the right section and twist both together all the way down, leaving a few of the ends out.
  • Pinch and pull apart the twist for more volume.
  • Wrap the twist around the base of the ponytail and secure with mega grip bobby pins.
  • Pinch and pull part again to create a pretty shape.

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