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You just got married, which means you’re probably exhausted. The last thing you even want to think about is boarding a plane for hours on end to waste away on a beach – but you’re doing it, and it will all be worth it in the end (which is ironically what everyone has been telling you about marriage).  The best part about your honeymoon (and any vacation) is the fact that it is all about you and melting away the stress of the past few months. The best advice we can give you is to step up your beauty routine pre-honeymoon so that those days are filled with complete bliss. Read on for our top picks before you say, “I do!”


Lashes – Are you getting lashes done for your big day? While we do love a dramatic finish, the last thing we want to think about right now is the upkeep of those babies while we’re in the sun. You’ve probably had makeup after makeup trial leading up to the big day, only to leave your lashes a bit lackluster. Put pep in their step and prepare for a hassle-free honeymoon by using Spectral.Lash Eyelash Extender. This small pen shaped product packs a powerful punch and can easily be tucked away into your purse or carryon with ease. Use prior to your wedding to increase the length, thickness and density of your lashes, and after to help rejuvenate them.

Legs – Worried about your razor getting confiscated in your carry on? Fear not. Start using Keraméne body hair minimizer before the big day and enjoy the benefits of it all honeymoon long. Keraméne works hard so you don’t have to by jump-starting your catagen (resting growth) phase and suppressing keratinocyte proliferation, causing hair to grow slower. And, with its specialized formula it also keeps legs extra smooth and hydrated. Simply apply to legs (or arms) twice a day and in a few short weeks you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Strong Strands – Whether you’ve been pulling your hair out planning or it’s started falling out from the stress, chances are your strands need a little TLC. Incorporate Revita Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner into your routine to add length, avoid shedding and maintain scalp vitality. This unique formula delays hair loss while supporting hair restoration. Be sure to stash some of this in your bag to maintain healthy, shiny hair for your entire honeymoon.

Ready for the big day? Let DS Laboratories take care of the details so you can enjoy! For more information about DS Laboratories and where to buy, stalk DS Laboratories on Bangstyle and follow them @DSLabsGlobal on Instagram!