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The latest trend seems more like an evolution; making moves against the clean and shaven and instead opting for the long and shaggy – a movement which we’re gladly embracing. Men everywhere are growing out their fades and stashing the razor until further notice, a style most famously seen in the 70s. While you may have begun to grow out your hair, or are wondering how to master this mop upon your head, you’ll have recognized by now that you need a set of grooming tricks to keep your newfound hair under control. Read on to find out how to update your style with grace.

Transitioning out of a fade

We’re just going to be honest; you’re going to go through an awkward phase here. Most likely you have a strong juxtaposition between your length on top and the shortness of a fade, so growing out the sides will take some time to get used to. The good news is: with styling and regular trims, your stylist can show you how the in between phase can be alleviated.

Try: American Crew Molding Clay on the sides to keep the hair slicked down and combed back and American Crew Alternator on top to start creating a free flowing feel with the rest of your hair.

Controlling Texture

Although wild hair can be acceptable on most days (especially if you work from home), you need to learn how to control the chaos of your texture and prove to yourself (and probably your other half) that this whole long hair thing can look sexy too. If your hair is on the wavy or curly side, you’ll want to apply products to wet hair; opt for American Crew Curl Control straight out of the shower. Once dry add American Crew Boost Powder at the root to give your curls volume and shape.

Perfecting the Man Bun (or Man-tail)

Heading to the gym or to the beach for a game of volleyball? Chances are that you haven’t quite figured out what to do with this long, flowy hair of yours, but you definitely want it out of your face while you sweat. Man-tails (ponytails for men) are totally and completely acceptable, and sound better than the man-bun. If you’re working with second-day hair simple add American Crew Boost Powder at the root and pull it back into a pony. If you’re starting fresh out of the shower, you’ll want to add American Crew Alternator to damp hair and blow dry prior to pulling back. (If hair is wet when pulled back it can leave to excess breakage.)

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