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Coloring your hair is one of the luxuries in life that can bring a great deal of joy – but done improperly, a single mistake can take weeks or even months to fix. We learn about the Color Wheel early on in school, and for good reason. Color theory is crucial to colorists – it explains that colors opposite from one another on the wheel are complementary, and cancel each other out when used together. This is extremely important anytime you’re making a change in hair color, you must be aware of where you started and where you want to go, and make the proper adjustments to get the precise tone your client is looking for.

Brassiness is an issue that every stylist deals with. When coloring natural brunettes (especially lightening), their hair automatically pulls more orange (brass) tones because of the natural underlying pigments in the hair. How to combat this problem? With green pigments! Green is opposite from orange on the color wheel and naturally cancels out this unwanted shade.

Scruples understands the need to say bye-bye to brass, so they formulated a new True Integrity Olive Series! This color series contains green ash shades made to perfectly neutralize warm undertones that may arise during coloring. While providing 100% gray coverage, the new Olive Series will create longer lasting color with minimal fading due to the exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX ®) fortified in Scruples’ color.

Instead of combatting brass post color, why not correct it while coloring? This new series will create brilliant results right from the start! To learn more about the new True Integrity Olive Series and the amazing color you can create, be sure to follow Scruples on Instagram to learn more tips and tricks from the leaders in beauty with integrity!

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