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Finding your first gray hair is often an unforgettable moment: One minute, you think you’re in the prime of your life, the next minute, you realize time is a-tickin’ and your youth is vanishing right before your eyes! Spotting your first gray used to feel like a life prison sentence with no way out—until now that is! Finally, women and men everywhere are no longer falling prisoner to their gray locks. From embracing the color to finding new ways to minimize salon touch-ups, 2020 is expected to be the year that men and women demand their time back and learn to own the aging process—while still rocking stunning locks in between. Ahead, three easy ways to embrace the grays. 


Tip #1: Go #Gombre

Although not every Instagram trend is worth replicating in “real life,” we have a feeling that the grombre” movement is here to stay. Colorists are now encouraging their clients to embrace their grays and seamlessly blend them into their natural color. The end result is both visually eye-catching and an effective way of cutting back on salon visits. What’s more,  #gombre is more than just a fleeting color trend—it’s a widespread, age-inclusive movement that gives men and women more power over their appearance than ever before. Going gray no longer has to feel like something that has to be “hidden”—embracing the new growth with confidence and showcasing your style all over social media finally eliminates the stigma associated with finding your dreaded first (or second or third) gray hair. 


Tip #2: All About That Base

Another easy way to effortlessly go gray and look amazing while doing it? A “base bump.” So what does that mean?  Lightening up your base color without completely concealing your roots. The process involves adding an allover base color in addition to highlights. In turn, the technique gives hair a lighter appearance, helping to blend the grays and change the contrast between your color and complexion. Simply put, gray looks less harsh when paired next to a lighter shade, meaning any new growth is less noticeable. The best part? A major reduction in salon visits! 


Tip #3: Let It Grow 

Another way to handle grays? Give up the endless battle and let them grow! Gray or silver hair can look stunning, and, with the right products, you can find ways to enhance your color and make it work for you. Some of our faves? Redken Color Extend Graydient Shampoo and Conditioner for Gray Hair, a dual-action system designed to neutralize yellow tones, strengthen strands and enhance shine, texture and manageability; and the Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo, formulated to minimize yellowness, remove buildup and restore moisture. 


No matter which option you choose now is the time to take back your power and embrace your grays. And while gray hair is a sign of aging, it can also serve as a symbol of growth and your transition into a new stage of life, one where you are wiser, more confident and no longer afraid to show off exactly who you are!