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How it grew to be something I didn’t have to hide anymore. 

Growing up in California, you wouldn’t think that I would be ashamed of my curly, sometimes unruly hair texture…it's the ultimate “beachy” texture, right? But I was. Often the odd kid out at soccer practice, it seemed like everyone had straight, blonde long locks. My mom always opted for a bob of some sort with blunt bangs to match. And as a kid with curly texture, let me tell you - the newfound “curly bang” trend would have come in very handy back then. 

I began blowdrying my hair in 8th grade, every other day I would section out my wannabe “Rachel cut” and round brush my locks. This was my feeble attempt to “fit in”. I kept up with this charade all throughout high school and college, and as the hot tools got better my hair got straighter and straighter. 

It was moving to LA that brought out my curly side. With time spent at the beach (my curls really liked the ocean) and I learned how to air-dry my hair properly from some of the best stylists in the biz! They helped me realized how coveted natural curls were and how to style them accordingly. From your cut to your color, the style, your shampoo, and even your towel have so much to do with treating your texture right. 

I began to harness the power of my texture and work with it instead of against it. Texture sprays can add volume, terry cloth towels add frizz. Sleeping on it wet can sometimes give me the best second-day style and when in doubt, wand it out. 

My go-to products to embrace texture:




label.m Texturising Volume Spray


Sam Villa Marcel Curling Iron & Wand

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