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It really can’t be denied… changing the shape of your eyebrows will most definitely change the shape of your face. While your hairline and hairstyle is the frame of your face shape, brows are the frame of your look and even slight changes can make a big difference. While Brooke Sheilds certainly paved the way; in recent years, thanks to celebs like Cara Delevingne, Emma Watson, and Ashley Olsen, big brows have had a resurgence.

Not everyone is blessed with long thick eyebrows, but it really doesn’t matter because it can be mimicked so easily with tinting and filling in. “It makes brows look, longer, wider and denser, which really helps to frame eyes for a pretty youthful appearance,” says Danielle Boyer, brow expert at Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York. Not sure which service to get? Asking your hair stylist for a recommendation may be your first step. Education is the next! Learn more about the differences between tinting and filling in below to see which is your best bet.


TINT - Fill it in baby!!  All those tiny little hairs can ban together and actually make a brow look thick. Tinting fills in gaps and makes brows look more prominent so eyes look lovely and less tired. This process will last a little longer than just filling in your brows and will make everyday routines a lot easier. “Getting a brow tint is one of the easiest brows hacks, it lasts from 6-8 weeks, so your brows look so much bolder for that period of time, regardless of whether or not you choose to fill them in with pencil or powder,” adds Boyer. 

FILL - Brows that are too short or start too far apart can be extended slightly with powder, just dab a little powder/pencil a tad bit before the brow actually begins and ends, and voila, better brows.  A brow pencil or powder can also be used on gaps, patches and sparse areas to fill brows in to make them look wider and denser.  Make sure to start at the beginning of the brow, brush powder/pencil on eyebrow with up and outward feather motions. Shadow in the areas that are sparse with minimal product so they look as natural as possible.  

Credits: Photography: @andrewandada; Styling: @emma_natter; Dress: @samuellecoutoure; HMU: @artstrybydanielleb of @boomboombrowbar; Model: @MadeleineMichael

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