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As a consequence of dry hair and a humid environment, frizz is a common problem that can sneak up on any style during the warmer months. While certain hair types and texture patterns are more prone than others, the fix stems from the same solutions. Take a peek at a few of our top tips to achieve the ideal style sans frizz. 

How To Get Rid of Frizzy Hair


While frizz is an effect of humidity, the reason why it happens in the first place is due to the lack of moisture in the hair. By improving the condition of your hair, mainly by increasing the hydration factor, you will find hair becomes shiny and smooth, and natural texture more defined. An obvious choice for adding more hydration to your hair daily is HYDRATE-ME.WASH + RINSE + MASQUE. This system features Vitamin A, E and C to lock in moisture and create a soft silky feel and Hydrolysed Silk Extracts to create an instantly smooth surface on each strand. By regularly shampooing, conditioning and applying deep conditioning treatments from this range, you’ll notice improvement throughout the year and especially during those humid months. 



Based on your hair type (straight, wavy, curly or coily) and desired style (air-dried, heat-styled, smooth, waved or curled), you’ll need to pick a specific product routine to get the finished look. If you’re interested in learning more about your natural hair type and what products are best to treat and style, start by checking out KEVIN.MURPHY That’s My Type, a guide to understanding your texture patterns and the best product regimens for each. From here, consider taking the PRODUCT MATCHMAKER QUIZ to help decide on the product combinations best suited to the style you’re after. 



Once you’ve found the perfect products and mastered your style, combatting frizz is all about protecting your hair from the humidity. With a mix of hydrating products like YOUNG.AGAIN and YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER and finishing products like SESSION.SPRAY or SESSION.SPRAY FLEX you can create the ultimate shield to lock your style in and the environment out. Suitable for all hair types, YOUNG.AGAIN is ideal for both damp and dry styles while YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER can be used on dry hair to add moisture or revive second-day hair. Infusing the hair with nutrients and antioxidants, these products will counteract damage, oxidation and the ageing process while creating a smooth, conditioned result. In addition to ensuring the hair is adequately hydrated, SESSION.SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY FLEX should be used as a final layer to create a weightless, lasting hold that will lock out high humidity while still allowing the ability to brush without the possibility of flakiness.