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Picking the perfect polish, finding jeans that fit just right, and leaving the salon with a bouncy, shiny blowout - it’s the little things in life. Similar to adding a top coat to your manicure, In an effort to recreate or extend the life of the perfect blowout there are a few tricks you can practice. Read on for how to make your blowout last so you can enjoy that indulgence for a few more days!

Ask For a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

From masks to treatments and scrubs, when you visit the salon ask for a pre-shampoo treatment to soothe and energize the scalp. Introducing products such as KEVIN.MURPHY SCALP.SPA TREATMENT or SCRUB before a blowout treats the scalp, removing any buildup or soothing the area, which leads to better long-term results. These products can also be picked up to recreate a spa-like treatment at home.  


Pick Shampoos and Conditioners with a Purpose

Just like in the salon, it should be common practice to use one formula when air drying and a different formula for days when you blow dry. Shampoos and conditioners perform specific functions for each hair type and desired style. On days when you are looking for a smooth and sleek style, a smoothing and nourishing formula like Keune Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner should be utilized to prep hair.

Keune Keratin Smooth Shampoo Keune Keratin Smooth Conditioner

Gently Towel Dry

A rule curly girls already live by – hair should never be rubbed or tousled to much once out of the shower. Instead, use a Terry cloth towel to gently dab excess moisture from the hair without roughing up the cuticle. 

Apply Blow-Dry Specific Products

The exact cocktail you use will differ slightly based on your natural texture and the finished look you’re after, however, heat protection should always be included in the process. If you have thicker hair and are looking to speed up your finish Redken Quick Blowout is the obvious choice. However, if you are looking for va-va volume and a beautiful bouncy feel, opt for Redken Big Blowout. They each perform specific tasks, can be layered and will effectively protect hair against heat damage. 


Redken Quick Blowout.             Redken Big Blowout

Use The Right Tools

Stylists have invested in professional quality tools that help them achieve the best results in the salon. If you’re looking to recreate the look at home, you’ll want to do the same. Invest in a quality blow dryer with multiple heat and strength settings as well as brushes best suited to your hair type. While ceramic brushes can work well in a pinch, they can often cause excess heat damage to hair. Instead, opt for ceramic, nylon or a mix of both for best results. 

Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer + Spiral Thermal Brushes

Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer Spiral Thermal Brushes

Work In Sections

In addition to a quality blow-dryer and brushes, invest in clips to keep hair in clean sections. By working in one section before moving on to the next and having the right clips to keep hair in place while you do so, you’ll find that your hair dries faster, you’ll have less tangles and snagging and the experience will be all the more enjoyable. 

Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips

Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips


Don’t Forget To Finish

Before you leave the salon, your stylist will almost always finish your style with a spritz of something — which is usually hairspray, texturizing spray or dry shampoo. The same should be done at home! Once hair is completely dry and cool, pick a product that works best for your hair. 

 Redken texturizing spray Redken Dry Shampoo

Change Your Sleep Routine

While applying dry shampoo before you sleep is a great trick, swapping out your pillowcase and using style-safe accessories should also be added to your nighttime routine. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase will cut down on the friction that causes frizz and tangles. In addition to this, think about braiding hair or utilizing silk hair accessories (scrunchies and scarves) to keep hair in tip-top shape. When refreshing in the morning, simply use a round brush and your blow dryer to refine any areas that need a boost!