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If the last time you tried a fringe was in grade school, it’s time to try your hand at it again. Finding the right fringe type can feel like a daunting task, especially if it isn’t your go-to style. The best thing you can do is chat with your stylist about what will work best for your face shape and hair type. Your hair type and texture actually play a big role because of the styleability factor and upkeep. Read on to learn about some of the season’s best styles and most agreeable fringe types.

Faux Fringe

Faux fringe, aka the no fringe, fringe is one of the easiest fringe trends almost anyone can wear. Instead of a highly defined shape, the faux fringe is a heavily texturized area around the face frame that is long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail if needed but short enough to be styled into a proper long curtain-esque bang. The key to this style is to pay attention to the texture pattern and plan accordingly. It is less of a distinct weight line and more of a heavily textured section, it is the easiest to grow out — making it the perfect gateway fringe. 

Curtain Bangs

One of the most popular trends from the past year, curtain fringe has been spotted everywhere from social media to runways and the fashion-forward street style. Similar to the faux fringe, curtain bangs have a slightly more defined shape with the shortest length near the middle and longer as it goes out toward the temples. The length lends way to a longer time between trims especially if styled correctly. The perfect fringe to pair with a bohemian up style or undone texture, it can work with natural texture or blow-dry to perfection with a round or paddle brush depending on hair pattern.


Made famous by the many chick flicks of the early ‘00s trend, this trend has come full circle again. Great on its own or as a means of growing fringe out, this in-between length can easily be pushed to the side if you’re over the idea of bangs. The new take on this trend has more movement and bounce than the perfectly blow-dried side-swept bangs of decades past. For a free-form finish, let them dry naturally or use a round brush and a blow-dryer to create a polished feel. Great paired with a side part, if you want them away from your face, simply pop in a bobby pin or a braid.  

Feathered Finish

No matter the style, your hairdresser can tailor your choice in fringe with a feathered finish for a softer, more forgiving style. This look has always been popular for its ability to soften the face and works on short, medium, and long lengths. This technique can also be used to soften a previous fringe shape, if you want an alternative look or if you’re aiming to grow your fringe out.

Blunt Bangs


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Blunt bangs or a straight fringe has become a high fashion, edgy, and effortlessly chic style to try this season. Not for the faint of heart, this shape can work on a wide variety of textures as long as you’re open to styling your hair. For this type, using a blow dryer and a brush and finishing slightly with a flat iron will suit your style well. If you struggle with the length, consider investing in a miniature flat iron to ease the styling process.