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Have you fallen into a hair rut? You’re not alone. In fact, many women stick with the same style for years before realizing that they’re in desperate need of little change. Read on to find out if it’s time to switch up your look and learn easy ways to spice up your go-to style.

Sign #1: Your hair looks the same in every photo

Take one look at your Instagram account: If your hair looks like the cut-and-paste version of a previous photo, you’re most likely in need of a change.

Sign #2: Your hair just won’t cooperate

If you endure an exhausting 20-minute battle with your hair in the morning before eventually throwing it up into a messy bun, it’s officially time to do something about it.

Sign #3: Your color is lacking dimension and shine

Notice that your color is falling a bit flat lately? Even if you’ve never colored your hair, your strands can look dull from time to time thanks to environmental factors, heat styling, etc. If your hair is desperate need of a little brilliance, you need to give it some TLC.

Sign #4: Your hair has zero definition

Whether you have a cropped pixie cut or waist-skimming locks, if your hair is just “hanging” there, you may want to consider a cut or, at least, a fresh everyday style.

Ready to amp up your look? Check out three easy ways to refresh your style without making a major change:

1) Layer up

Even if you’re not ready to make a drastic chop, you can give your hair volume and body with a layered cut. If you’re too timid to play around with shorter layers, try experimenting with a couple of face-framing layers at first. That way, you can keep a majority of your length while adding some definition and movement to your cut.

2) Gloss on

A glossing treatment is an easy way to restore luster back into your color. Available in both sheer and tinted formulas, a gloss essentially enhances whatever color you’re already working with— without having to undergo a costly (and time-consuming) coloring service.

3) Stock up

Not ready to pay a visit to your stylist quite yet? Swap out your go-to products for a fresh formula. Our top pick at the moment? The Keune BLEND Refreshing Balm. Not only does this dry shampoo/styling balm hybrid absorb excess oils and leave your hair with a fresh, clean feeling, it also adds volume, texture and “lived-in” definition.

Stock up on your favorite BLEND products today and be sure to follow @keunenamerica on Instagram for the latest launches and tips for your favorite styles!