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We’ve all been there – turned the curling iron a little to high, ran the blow-dryer over the section one too many times without a heat protectant, got trigger happy and decided to try out a box-dye at home – whatever the cause of the hair damage, there are new ways to help fix and at times reverse your faux pas. Keep reading for a few quick and easy ways to ease the pain.

1. Get a healthy trim.

You knew we were going to say that, didn’t you? Well, truth be told, you should be getting regular trims even if you’re shooting for Rapunzel status. If your damage is due to environmental effects and excess heat, most likely it is concentrated at your ends – split ends, that is. Trust us, just get the trim, it will help your hair grow faster, longer and faster.

2. Step Up Self-Care

Don’t opt for the every-other-week deep conditioning treatment, step it up to at least once a week. Be sure you are following the instructions for that particular treatment and for an extra dose of moisture, wrap your hair in a towel and let the mask really absorb. The heat from your scalp will help your cuticle open and allow for ultimate retention.


3. Switch Your Shampoo. 

It is a great idea to switch out your shampoo ever so often and if you’re experiencing dry or dehydrated hair, it is especially important to choose a shampoo that will directly address those concerns. If you have color-treated hair, be sure to invest in a color-safe shampoo – you need extra care if you color or highlight your hair.  

We Suggest: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo & Conditioner 


4. Eat Your Veggies

As much as you hate to hear “I told you so,” your mom was really onto something with this one. Ensuring you have a healthy diet with the appropriate nutrients; vitamins and minerals like B-12, zinc and iron are great to improve strength and shine. While upping your H2O intake will only have a positive effect as well, it helps hydrate and flush out toxins in your system. Your skin and nails will thank you for the added nutrients as well. For a more in-depth guide, check out Eat Your Way To Healthy Hair!

5. Change Your Styling Routine.

Although having perfectly coifed hair every day is #goals, sometimes it’s just not realistic. Cutting down on your heat styling to once or twice a week will greatly improve the health of your hair. Learning how to air-dry can sometimes be a change, but in the end you’ll learn to embrace the texture of your hair and really love the results. And with all the new products on the market picking up an air-dry product like Redken No Blow Dry Cream (for Airy Cream, Just Right Cream or Bossy Cream) is the perfect way to start.


6. Get A Professional Treatment.  

Still can’t get over the thought of trimming your hair? We get it. Opt for scheduling yourself a professional conditioning treatment. Your stylist has a plethora of conditioning treatments and hacks up their sleeve, so be sure to book one if you’re completely against taking any length off.

When in doubt, go see your stylist. They’ll be real with you (don’t fight the trim) to get your hair back to where you want it to be.  Looking for more hair trends and tips, keep scrolling.