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The planning, designing and construction of buildings and other urban structures, often perceived as works of art in form and function, led to this sun and sand color combination, embedded in a rich brunette base. Artful highlight placement allows the eye to move from "roof" to "foundation" - depending on whether the hair is styled up or down - much in the same way that the sun travels along the facade of a skyscraper from dawn to dusk. Wheat and gold hues from the LOGICS Colorcremes and LOGICS Imprints collections produce the stunning highlight effect.

On damp hair apply Total Results Moisture CureTM 2-Phase Treatment. Create large rectangular section at top of head extending from front hairline to crown. Side partings of rectangle begin at outside corner of eye. Clip to secure. Create horseshoe shape at crown, extending back from sides of rectangle and ending above occipital. Secure section. Take vertical partings behind each ear which connect to horizontal parting at crown. Clip for control. Leave remaining hair loose.


1. At center back, create narrow vertical subsection extending to nape. Working at top of sub-section,elevate straight up from head and shallow point cut to establish traveling guide length. Shortest point of guide is approximately 5". Cut on slight angle from short to long. Work down sub-section, elevating hair to guide above. Complete back section using traveling guide and vertical sub-sections. Cross-check horizontally.

2. Point cut back perimeter to desired length using one finger elevation. Work from center out to both sides. Sub-divide for control if necessary. Check for balance and symmetry.

3. Release left side section. At back of section, create narrow vertical sub-section matching to guide from behind ear of back section. Repeat same elevation and point cut from short to long.

4. Work forward through side section over directing hair back to stationary guide. Using vertical sub-sections and same elevation, point cut from short to long. Repeat on right side. Blow-dry previously cut sections with fingers. Spray narrow sub-sections with Total Results Sleek Iron Smoother, flat-iron and observe shape of cut. Point cut side perimeter length.

5. Further refine shape throughout back section. Deep point cut using vertical subsections holding hair straight out from head. At sides, determine density before refining sections.

6. Release both top sections. Maintain crown parting. Create vertical sub-section from crown to front hairline. Take narrow horizontal subsection parallel to parting at crown. Elevate 90 degrees from head and blunt cut using horizontal finger angle to establish stationary guide.

Mastery point: Top sections create a shape on top of bottom shape and are not intended to blend or seamlessly match to sections below.

7. Proceed through center sub-section, working toward front hairline. Using horizontal partings and over-directing back to stationary guide.

Mastery point: Over-direction throughout top section ensures length and disconnection.

8. Create pie-shaped sub-section at crown. Elevate straight out from head. Match to length of previously cut top guideline and blunt cut from short to long. Use this traveling guide and pivot through crown section. Complete and check for balance.

9. Comb fringe section forward and establish length. Blunt cut at zero degree elevation working from center to outside corner. Repeat on other side. When complete, blow-dry top and fringe sections with Denman® brush creating soft bend and movement. Spray Total Results Sleek Iron Smoother on narrow subsections and flat-iron. Refine and personalize using shallow and deep point cutting

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