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Natural. Undone. Effortless. These have proven to be the Instagram-worthy beauty buzzwords of the season. This is due to the fact that currently, women are craving looks that accentuate their natural beauty and complement their style. In the latest collection from BaByliss Pro, they are exploring just that! Follow along below to see how to get Martha Rose’s undone waves and stay tuned for even more tutorials that capture the everyday beauty of women!

Step 1: Begin by drying the hair: for finer/straighter textures, remove the nozzle and rough dry to create a natural texture. For more coarse/curly textures you may want to add a paddle brush to smooth the curl pattern slightly.

Step 2: Once the hair is dry, begin using the waving wand. Twist wrap and slide the waving wand back and forth to create an undone look.

Step 3:  To finish, once all hair has been waved with the wand, gather hair toward the nape and twist the entire head of hair. Holding the tips, shake out the hair and allow it to fall naturally.

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