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The first step to fixing any problem is figuring out what the root cause of your issue is. When it comes to hair, sometimes things are straightforward, while others are not quite what they seem. The biggest misconception when it comes to unruly hair is that dry and damaged hair is the same, which they are most certainly not.

Dry hair comes from external causes, be it the sun, the wind, excessive color treatments, or lack of proper home-care. While dehydrated hair often comes from internal factors – mainly diet or even the ways in which products enter the hair shaft. No matter the diagnosis, there are several factors you can include in your daily routine to improve the health of your hair and the look and feel of your strands. Follow along below for some of our favorite self-care tips!

Oil before shampoo

Shampoo is a necessary part of daily life, it cleanses the scalp, rids hair of buildup and debris and is the key to a killer blowout. However, depending on the state of your ends, shampoo may be the culprit when it comes to drying your hair. The next time you hop into the shower, give your hair a good brush and apply oil to your ends to create a barrier between the shampoo and your dry and damaged ends. To keep hair adequately nourished, we suggest label.m Intensive Repair Shampoo.

Silk Pillowcase

Sure, silk pillowcases are an investment, but they’re essential for improving the quality of both hair and skin. Cotton pillowcases tend to soak up oils and are not as soft as silk, therefore leaving your hair with more tangles. More tangles leads to… you guessed it: more damage.

Boar Bristles over Ceramic

No matter your hair type, boar bristle brushes are the way to go. They add shine, control texture patterns and don’t overheat while performing heat styling. Ceramic on the other hand, can cause a great deal of stress on your strands because of how hot their barrels can get, which over time will lead to excessive breakage.

Go see your stylist

Whether they recommend a trim or a treatment, they’ll be able to diagnose and treat from a professional perspective. From hair dusting to adding layers or treating you to a professional deep conditioning treatment, you’ll be able to notice the difference after just a single salon appointment. In the meantime, opt for a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week at home. Try: privé Intensive Mask followed by privé Restoration Treatment (this one can be used every time you shower).


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