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Looking to create a gorgeous style? The answer might not be in the perfect blow dry — it actually starts with the state of the scalp. Offering stylists a new way to treat their clients, Care Spa Creambath is the ideal solution to add to your salon services to revamp scalp care and healthy hair. 

Keune Care Spa Creambath 


What It Is:

Creating a spa-like environment in the salon, Spa Creambath is a luxurious salon-only service that can be easily added to any appointment. This new formula contains Nutri-injection technology and Keune Essential Mineral Complex that revives dry, dull hair by locking in moisture and nourishing the scalp. 

Who It Is Ideal For:

Ideal for clients who have heat damage or have been subjected to the sun, this quick and easy service is perfect for clients on-the-go. 

How It Works:

Applied at the shampoo basin, Spa Creambath can be combined with a scalp massage for a luxurious experience. Creating a protective shield around damaged areas, it nourishes hair resulting in a smooth, soft and shiny finish.

The Services:

Choose an express service, add shine or nutrition, Spa Creambath can be combined with a variety of Care products to create a custom finish for your client’s needs. 

Express: After shampooing, add Spa Creambath and massage into the scalp for at least 5 minutes. Between the scalp massage and the nourishing properties, clients will be left feeling instantly relaxed. 

Shine: Cleanse with Satin Oil Shampoo, then mix Spa Creambath with Satin Oil Treatment and massage. Then apply Satin Oil Treatment and style for a soft and shiny finish. 

Nutrition: Cleanse with Vital Nutrition Shampoo and then apply Spa Creambath and Miracle Elixir to rejuvenate damaged hair. To finish, apply Vital Nutrition Porosity Filler and Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream to restore the hair from the inside out. 

Why You’ll Love It:

Spa Creambath elevates the salon experience with a touch of luxury. With the ability to tailor the service to each client’s needs and time constraints, this new service allows you to deliver instant results and a flawless finish.