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Each year Keune Haircosmetics plans an international trip for the Platinum and Titanium members of the Keune Loyalty Club. This year, the coveted experience landed these lucky salons to the Keune motherland - Amsterdam. Filled with inspiration, education, tours, group outings, tulips and more tulips – stylists found themselves surrounded by excitement and appreciation from the brand they love the most. Ashlee Levitch, President of Bangstyle, was lucky enough to attend and experience the trip first-hand. Keep reading to hear more about the adventure, behind the scenes at the True Beauty 2018 event and her Amsterdam experience alongside the salon owners and stylists!


With so many choices in the beauty industry, I often ask myself, “What makes a brand special?” People have their loyalties for many reasons. They love the product, they love their sales rep, or clients simply ask for the brand. What if the answer was, “It’s the way the brand treats their salons?”

I had the pleasure of joining the team from Keune and their top salons from around the world on their annual Keune Loyalty Club trip to Amsterdam this month. Aside from the incredible True Beauty event, I was able to explore the city, attend “family” dinners and listen to the salons talk about the brand they love so much. What struck me as the definition of success was that their salons and the stylists that attended from North America talked about the brand as so much more than just goo in a tube.

I noticed that Keune is a brand these salons and stylists connected with. It’s a brand that heard their requests, added products to the range because they needed them, and a brand that fulfilled their curiosity and thirst for knowledge with the kind of education their stylists needed and wanted most. I think that in itself is special.

True Beauty 2018 was a spectacle of hair and inspiration rolled into one fantastical show, filled with big hair and even bigger promises. Promises to remain true to their roots of 1922 – a family owned business committed to salon professionals around the world and those who love the Keune brand. With hints of what’s to come and throwbacks to a simpler time, Mr. Keune put it well when he said, “We work not only with our heads, we work with our hearts.”

Written by: Ashlee Levitch

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