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Do you ever question your devotion to your hair color? Taking excess time out of weekends to drive to your favorite stylist, sit in the chair for a few hours and then make the trek home. If you’re anything like us, lately, your hair has been pulled up into a bun as you prepare for bikini season and don’t even notice what shade your color is at the moment. However, just like heading to the gym during winter to prepare for summer, the same rings true of your hair. Taking care of your hair during the “off” seasons, or even when you’re not necessarily wearing it to the best of its ability is how you get flawless hair when you need it most.

Just like that plank or squat challenge you just started, color treated can be a little harder to keep up during the sunny seasons. Highlights can get washed out, color can fade and ends can split more often. Although hair care is key, hair tone is even more imperative this season. Looking for a way to get your color on track and keep it that way? Keep reading.

In The Salon:

When getting highlights and achieving the level of lift you are looking for, Keune Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray should be your next step. This professional-only product can be used as a pre-toner or as a standalone toner when looking to achieve cool, neutralized blondes and highlighted brunette shades. Great to perform directly after a color service, this product can also be used to refresh hair color in between coloring appointments. If your hair color is feeling a bit muddy, head to the salon and ask your stylist for a refreshing treat!

With blue and violet pigment, it is optimal for levels 8 and up. Formulated with silk proteins it not only tones hair but aids in conditioning it as well. You can think of it almost as a tinted leave-in conditioner. If you head to the salon for a weekly or bi-weekly blowout, this is the perfect add on service for you. Without adding a great deal of time, this service will extend the life of your color and have you summer-ready in an instant. This product can be applied after shampooing and can either be rinsed out or left in for a more intense finish.


At Home:

While the Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray is for salon use only, there are a few tricks to help buffer your blonde at home. Keune’s new Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner help blondes and highlighted brunettes achieve icy cool, neutralized results on the daily. If you’re a blonde and you aren’t using a lavender shaded shampoo, you need to pick one up immediately. Lucky for you, Keune’s Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner system will bust brass fast while keeping hair looking fresh. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B it will nourish hair from the inside out, keeping it looking silky and soft!


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