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From interior and fashion design to hair, makeup, and especially nails, minimalism is taking the cake as one of this year’s top trends. With the ability to dress up your nails with a few strokes of polish, less-is-more designs are about to be everywhere. As an ultimate accessory for any manicure, these low-key designs are especially great for nail technicians who are just beginning to dip their toes into the nail art world.  

French Ombre

Following the progression of the nail from nude to white, as you get closer to the tip, the French ombre accentuates your natural shades with a low-key feel. Similar to classic ombre nails, stick to OPI Nude shades and classic French Tip whites to mimic this trend. Additionally, if you want an even more low-maintenance option, accentuate the tip by blending a white shade into your natural nail and finish with a clear topcoat for shine. 


Retro Rainbow

Adding a perfectly placed dose of color to your natural nail bed is a beautiful way to brighten things up while keeping it minimal. The great thing about this trend is that because it is highly abstract, you wont need to worry about getting each one exactly the same, making it the perfect choice for at-home style or a nail technician just starting out in nail art. 



Embracing nudes are all about enhancing natural and complementary tones. Much like when you’re searching for the right foundation opt for a color that’s close to your skin tone, but not an exact match as an identical shade will wash you out. For a quick and easy upgrade, opt for a range of levels in the same color family (cool, warm or neutral) for a quick and easy way to modernize Nudes. 


Negative Space

Negative space nail trends are easy to create, especially if you’re time-challenged. You won't have to worry about layers or multiple shades, instead, with a few well-placed lines or designs, you can deliver high-impact results. To make this look even more minimal, stick to nude or neutral shades and utilize the natural nail whenever possible. 


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