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Oh, where in the world would we be without the hit Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?” Knee-deep in clutter, that’s for sure, bombarded by an array of random, unnecessary items that serve no purpose. And while we can finally feel at peace the moment we walk through our front door, our inner hoarder is still wreaking havoc in other areas of our lives, namely, the salon. Through the KonMari method doesn’t directly apply— work items don’t necessarily “spark joy” — its principles remain true: There are several items that are essential for your business—and others that actually hinder your productivity. From expired products to a closet full of old capes, there are likely at least a few areas in your salon in desperate need of a serious decluttering, not only for a little peace of mind, but also to enhance your performance (bad organization equals longer service time) and, in some shape or form, to meet the requirements set by your State Board. Here, our top tips for decluttering your salon, along with easy organizational systems to implement now.

The Space: Reception 

Booking appointments can be nearly impossible when there’s no organization. Your main goal? Eliminate old paperwork and develop a system that ensures scheduling is a breeze.

What to Toss: Loose paperwork; old receipts; old pens, highlighters or pencils; office supplies (i.e. paper clips, staples, etc.); flyers; customer cards; etc.

How to Stay Organized: Create manila folders for your remaining paperwork. Next, separate office supplies in containers or bins, then store everything in assigned drawers. Another key area in need of organization? Your appointment book. For best results, create a color-coding system for your stylists so it’s easy to see who is available and on the schedule.


The Space: Waiting Area

You want your clients to feel completely at ease as they wait for their appointment. Zero clutter and a bright, inviting lounge space is key.

What to Toss: Trash; old magazines; ripped, discolored or broken furniture

How to Stay Organized: To ensure that your waiting area remains comfortable, relaxing and clean, everything must serve a function and have a designated space. To start, purchase a few magazine holders and place them around the waiting area. Next, create a beverage/snack bar /coffee station for clients to access while they wait. You can also store extra amenities, such as pillows, phone charging cords, etc. in bins behind your seating area.


The Space: Workstation

Perhaps the most important area to keep organized is your workspace. The last thing you want to do is search for tools or products while your client is in the chair.

What to Toss: Old or expired products, products that you haven't used for more than six months, old combs or brushes, dull shears, broken sectioning clips, etc.

How to Stay Organized: Purchase several small bins and containers to store all of your supplies. You should aim to create a “home” for every item. Store tools such as shears, brushes, hot tools and combs in small containers in one drawer, then do the same with bobby pins, hair elastics and hair bungees. Now is also a great time to detangle any cords. Store all of your products in a separate drawer, and keep your go-to products at the front for easy access. You may also consider hanging shelves around your workstation to provide you with ample storage space.


The Space: Backbar

Your backbar needs to be in tip-top shape in order to allow clients to come and go quickly.  A quick assessment and easy-to-find cleaning supplies are all you need to keep the area in ideal condition.

What to Toss: Expired shampoo and conditioner bottles, torn or frayed towels

How to Stay Organized: To ensure that your backbar runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, store shampoos and conditioners on a shelf behind your sinks for easy accessibility. Also, store fresh towels in baskets by your sinks so stylists can quickly grab them after washing clients’ stands. Lastly, store a bin of cleaning supplies somewhere near your backbar in case of spills, etc.


The Space: Storage closets

Storing too many products can immediately lead to clutter and chaos. Perform a major product overhaul, then vow to complete a weekly inventory to prevent overcrowding.

What to Toss: Expired products, product lines that are no longer selling, expired dye, old coloring tools, etc.

How to Stay Organized: Again, designating a spot for everything is key. Invest in a shelving system that allows you to see everything you have. Next, group products by type (i.e. shampoos, conditioners, hairspray, extra color, etc.), then sort by brand. Store older products at the front to ensure that they’ll get used first. You’ll also want to create an area where you store the rest of your salon’s supplies, such as extra paper towels, toilet paper, capes, aprons, etc.


The real key to success? Aim to perform a weekly inventory to ensure that you’re well stocked and using the items you have on hand before placing another order. The bottom line? Maintaining organization in every area of the salon will spark endless “joy”—both in your career and your life!


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