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Men are growing out their looks this year and opting for more laid back styles, this doesn't mean messy though - see how to embrace a longer look while still keeping it kempt. Whether you turn to fashion houses or your favorite social media icons for the latest inspiration, there is no doubt about the latest hair movements for men. Tailor a new style for your clients, pick up a few tips for home care or ask your barber or stylist for a new do. Keep reading for a few of our favorite looks.

Long and Shaggy

A fan of a surfer vibe or maybe Jared Leto’s latest rockstar waves have grasped your attention? There is no doubt about it – men are growing their hair long and strong this season. Growing out locks requires time, effort and minimal energy but working with your stylist can help create an easy transition. Regular trims and texturizing helps keep your hair in shape, while styling can help hide any awkward phases. Waves are a great style no matter what stage you’re at. Looking for the best ways to texturize long locks? Check these tips out.


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High and Tight

Shaping up the sides is a quick and easy way to clean up any look. Whether a textured quiff a short crop or a slicked back style simply ask your barber to create a fade that suits your style. Our favorite styling hack? Add a styler to your fade; working in a small amount of a clay or pomade will add matte texture or sheen while keeping hairs in place.


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Create Juxtaposition

When it doubt, add a contrast to change up your style. From switching up your part to creata ing juxtaposition between lengths, use cutting techniques and styling hacks to add drama. Try switching out your normal styling product for something new: if you usual use pomade try clay for a matte, textured finish or vice-versa.


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