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If you’re looking for a way to take your haircuts to the next level, adding texture could be the key. No matter the length, texturizing is a unique way to remove weight, add interest or create movement. Now, where to start? “One of the things we’ve discovered after traveling around teaching in salons is that many stylists are unsure of where to start texturizing hair in bobs and layers to decrease bulk and increase movement,” says Andrew Carruthers, education director for Sam Villa. It may seem like a very elementary concept, but it’s one of those theories that are worth brushing up on. Follow the video below and keep reading to see our top tips and techniques!

As a rule of thumb, Carruthers advises starting texturizing where the actual weight is.  It sounds like the obvious, but it is easy to get sidetracked from this concept. To learn more about specific haircuts, Carruthers details the steps to be taken whether working on a bob or layers.


Heaviness usually occurs around the base of the hairline. To begin section out within the cut, clip top layers away and starting at the bottom dense area, then use a Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear to gently remove weight.  These shears only take away a small amount of hair at a time, so a stylist can be aggressive while texturizing without taking out too much hair and creating peaks and valleys.  Start at the bottom and approach removing the weight from the inside out and then start to work up in sections.


Due to low elevation, some layers appear to have a shelf-like feeling, and it’s tempting to grab that top shelf area and texturize to try to diminish it.  But, if both the underlying hair and the weightier sections of hair are being lightened, there is not actually going to be a change in the balance.  Instead, address the weighted area directly, just grab it and cut into it to soften it.

“Again, this may seem pretty basic for some, but that’s what education is for, to cover all aspects of our craft from the practical honest information to the more complex…anything and everything that is going to help stylists every day behind the chair,” adds Carruthers.

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