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With record temps in full effect, there’s nothing worse than having hair stick to your face during the summer. The easiest way to stay cool? Opt for a slicked-back style to keep hair out of the way. Read on to find out how to achieve the sleek look for every hair type.

Short & Straight

Creating a slicked-back look on shorter strands is easy. Simply rub a small amount of pomade into your hair, then use a comb or brush to slick it back. For a shiny finish, opt for a water-based formula.

Try: American Crew Classic Pomade


Medium-length & Wavy

If your hair has some natural texture, it’s best to smooth it before styling. Before blow-drying, apply an alternator to give your hair flexible hold and control. Then, apply a styling clay to slick hair back and give strands a matte finish.

Try: American Crew Alternator or American Crew Classic Molding Clay


Long & Curly

To tame even the most unruliest curls, apply a curl cream to add definition and shine. Use a brush to pull hair back as you blow-dry, then apply a paste to give the front of your hair that sleek finish.

Try: American Crew Classic Curl Control or American Crew Defining Paste

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