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The days of over-styled locks are over. If you crave a natural look but always end up with rock-hard strands, it’s safe to say you’ve been using the wrong products. Read on to discover the top flexible-hold formulas that will leave your hair looking effortlessly styled.

American Crew Classic Light Hold Styling Gel


If gel is your tried and true favorite, try switching it up for a lighter version for a less stiff look that wont cause flakes! Ideal for those with thinner strands, this product provides light control while adding thickness and body.  Simply apply to damp locks and use fingers to create the desired style, then allow hair to air-dry. It is a great option for any hair texture – curly or straight – and can be applied to hair both wet and dry for alternate effects.


American Crew Classic Light Hold Texture Lotion


Texture Lotion is one of those products that can sometimes fly under the radar. It is not your classic pomade, paste or gel but is a perfect mix of all three. For shine and subtle definition, opt for this lightweight styling creme. Perfect for achieving a “naturally” tousled style, this product can be applied to the mid-lengths and ends to define the hair’s natural wave pattern without looking too stiff.


American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel


The unique thing about this product lies in the application of it and the ability to be used on all hair types and lengths. With the ability to spray directly on your hair it allows for a diffuse application method and ultimately softer, more unstructured strands. For those with thicker strands looking for a perfectly “undone” style, this gel is key. Formulated to be used on damp or dry hair, this product holds locks in place while keeping the hair’s natural movement intact.

Take a peek at all of the productstips, tricks, and techniques to achieve a style all your own. Check out American Crew on Bangstyle and stay tuned for even more styles!