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Throughout the last few season’s we’ve seen a new trend brewing on the fashion spectrum; Men’s Grooming! And, after years of hiding in the shadows, we are excited to bring this staple back into the limelight.

Men are finally taking risks with their haircuts; trying out overgrown shags and opting for high and tight faded cuts. Alongside these fabulous new designs they’re also learning how to style their hair to enhance their bold new looks.

One of our favorite styles is a mid-length quiff with tons of texture. This cut is the perfect pick for any face shape and transitions well between work and after hours! It only takes a few quick tips, products and the addition of a blow dryer to get this slick style for the season to come.

For a more casual style for daytime:

  1. Apply gel #mixitstrong to damp hair
  2. Lightly blow dry
  3. Piece out hair with putty-> clay #wreckit

When you’re ready for a night out on the town:

  1. Mix gel #mixitstrong with powder #round2 and apply to damp hair
  2. Blow-dry using a vent brush to shape hair into a pompadour style
  3. Finish it off with hair spray #superfirm

Depending on your hair texture, you may want to experiment with how much product or the type of brush you need to create each style, but once you get it down we’re sure you’ll be hooked!

What’s your favorite look? Sound off below and let us know your go-to #myindiehair style!