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While many of us grew up in the era of the “perfect pony” – with slicked-back sides and carefully coifed curls – there’s a new style in town and it’s anything but perfect. Thanks to the addition of natural texture and laid-back chic, the messy ponytail has gained popularity and has been spotted everywhere, Red Carpet included! A lateral movement from the go-to topknot, we’ve even found ways to make “messy” styles work at weddings. Not sure how to make the transition? Follow along below for some of our favorite ways to wear the look.

Go Low

If you have thick or long hair a high ponytail can be challenging and often create undue tension at your hairline. To cut down on breakage (and steer clear of a serious headache) opt for a low look. This is also a great option for someone with a shorter style who can’t get all of their hair into a high pony. Start off with textured hair (either air-dried or waved) then, decide on your part. Either go drastic with an extreme side part or go down the middle for a classic feel. Whatever you decide, use a tail comb to get a straight part as this will juxtapose your tousled hair creating a messy-chic feel. Spritz hair with privé Finishing Texture Spray before pulling hair into a low pony, then pull face-framing pieces out and let the ends roam free.

Aim High

Sometimes a high pony just feels good! Having all of your hair out of your face and being able to feel your ponytail bounce back and forth as you walk down the street (or the catwalk). The trick to getting your pony to stay is by making two ponytails and combining them into one! First, section off the top section of your hair from your ear line back to the crown and clip away. Then brush up the back (remaining hair) into a high ponytail and secure. Then, take the top section and pull it back to meet (and lay it over) the bottom ponytail and secure with another elastic. This is a foolproof way to make sure your pony stays in place all night long!

Add Curl

We love adding extra curl to any pony to give it a little extra oomph. To begin, on air-dried hair, take random pieces and wrap them around a 1.25” curling iron. You want to add curl all over but in randomized sections to ensure a messy vibe. Then spray privé Finishing Texture Spray throughout strands and run your fingers through to ensure a tousled look. Then, you’re ready to take on any pony style you desire!


Whether you add a bow, a barrette or a hairpin, incorporating a little sparkle within your style will dress up any look and can be the perfect balance between messy and chic! Pro tip: if you want to make sure your accessory stays in place, add a spritz of privé Finishing Hair Spray to the area you are placing your adornment!

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