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If you aren’t familiar with the hit NBC series “This Is Us,” then you’re missing out. Even if endless, tear-inducing drama isn't your thing, there is one reason to tune in: Milo Ventimiglia. The actor is the definition of #mustachegoals in his role as Jack Pearson, a devoted family man with a mysteriously fatal end. As the show so meticulously highlights Pearson’s major moments throughout the years, it also showcases his trendsetting facial hair transformation. And, as if his on-screen ‘stache style wasn’t enough, the actor has also found a way to make the unshaven look command attention on the red carpet. Read on to discover three reasons why Ventimiglia should be every guy’s “Movember" inspiration.

The Look: Major Scruff


Why It Works: During his younger days on the NBC series, Pearson sported a thick beard and longer locks that embodied laid-back,’70s cool. Though his facial hair wasn’t long, it still looked lived-in and youthful. The best part? The style is extremely low-maintenance, making it perfect for guys on the go. Simply rough dry hair and apply PASTE throughout your hair, starting at the ends and working through your mid-shaft to create texture, hold and movement. 


The Look: Groomed ‘Stache

Why It Works: For some reason, even women who normally detest mustaches can’t seem to resist Pearson’s perfectly-coiffed facial hair. His mustache is thick, but not so long and bushy that it becomes a focal point for his face. Rather, it gives his look a masculine retro appeal. To keep the coif in check, use a thin layer of POMADE and a comb to control hair. 


The Look: Subtle Growth

Why It Works: If your 9-to-5 doesn’t welcome an unshaven look, you can still join in on the No-Shave November fun. Case in point: At the 2017 Emmys, the actor somehow made a 5 o’clock shadow look ultra-polished. So how can you achieve the same look for a special occasion? Pair slicked-back hair with a subtle stubble beard la Ventimiglia.

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