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In case you missed it, blowouts and finessed styles are back on the menu. Clients are swapping air-drying for diffuse- and blow-drying during the colder months and looking for quick and easy ways to upgrade their routines to be able to handle the heat. Whether creating a bombshell blowout or enhancing curls, they’ll need a refresher in learning how to style their hair again. Send them home with a few of these top tips and the products designed to make their look last. 

#1 Product Application

Do your clients know the difference between layering and cocktailing? This can be a great start to help ease them back into the swing of styling. Generally for heat styling, layering products is the way to go. The most important layers to think about are 1) A layer of heat protection, and 2) A product, or products that specifically controls their tresses. 

Ie. Your client is creating a smooth blow-dry and has fine, wavy hair that tends to frizz. 

Suggest: First, layer with Style Instant Blowout Heat Protection Spray to protect against heat, then add a layer of Style Straight Cream to smooth and tame frizz. By adding both elements you’re getting a better, quicker blowout that will also look smoother and last longer.


#2. Special Treatment for Texture

Heading into the colder months, highly texture hair needs a little extra T.L.C. Due to the fact that heat styling can be drying, stocking up on products that promote moisture retention from shower to styling are key. 

Begin by swapping your go-to shampoo and conditioner for a customized Keune You duo or Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner. Adding the occasional mask or in-salon deep conditioning treatment is also ideal around this time of year.

When it comes to styling curls, many opt for a diffuser during the colder months for a few reasons. First, besides being very uncomfortable, leaving the house with wet hair can actually cause excess damage to the hair. Second, diffuse drying cuts down on excess frizz and can add the perfect amount of volume. 

Style Curl Cream is a favored choice to not only add frizz-free bounce and definition but to also add a boost of moisture, hydration and heat protection.


#3. Finish With A Purpose

Are you looking to extend the life of your style? Or simply keep it in place for a single night? The prep and finish process will be slightly different based on style goals, which greatly determines the products you select. 

If you’re creating an opulent blowout that is meant to look fantastic that night - without much care for the next day: 

Begin by prepping hair with Style Instant Blowout Heat Protection Spray, then layer with Style Root Volumizer at the roots. Follow with a touch of Style Straight Cream on the mid-lengths to ends and begin your blowout. 


Once finished, add a touch of Style Dry Texturizer and then layer with Style High Impact Spray to add volume while keeping the hair perfectly in place. 


However, if you’re creating your weekly blowout that you want to last as long as possible, less is sometimes more. 

Begin with Style Instant Blowout Heat Protection Spray, brush through and begin your blow-dry. Then, once finished if your hair tends to get oily quickly, add a dash of Style Dry Shampoo at the root area or wait until the next day if you have thicker hair. 


If you’re worried about frizz, you can add a light dusting of Style Freestyle Spray or simply leave it as is and try your best to keep your hands out of your hair to cut down on transferring natural oils from your hands to your strands.