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Women everywhere can finally put down their hairdryers, flat irons and curling wands—natural hair is officially trending and our strands couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, there is a little bit more to the look than simply “wash” and “wear.” Read to find out how to master the effortless style for your hair type.

For straight hair:

Consider yourselves lucky: Those with stick-straight locks don’t have to do too much when they get out of the shower. A good cut, healthy strands and volume are key to giving life to finer hair. When washing, opt for a volumizing shampoo, then apply a root booster to your roots to lock in volume as you air-dry.

Try: Scruples Structure Bath Volumizing Shampoo and Scruples Direct Volume Root Lifter


For wavy hair:

Eliminating frizz while achieving soft, defined texture are your key concerns. To amplify your hair’s beachy look, apply texturizing mousse on freshly-washed strands, then apply a sea salt spray to activate your natural waves and scrunch if desired.

Try: Redken Curvaceous Waves Ahead and Redken Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray


For curly hair:

While texture, body and bounce are no problem for those with spiraled locks, all it takes is one wrong step to end up with a dry, crunchy frizz ball on top of your head. Rule Number One for wash-and-go tresses: Do not brush your hair when you are out of the shower. You don’t want to interrupt your natural curl pattern. Instead, finger-comb your hair in the shower if desired, then apply a curl-defining cream. If your wet ringlets are in need of extra volume or definition, apply a curl-boosting spray and gently scrunch your ends.

Try: Keune Care Line Keratin Curl Defining Cream and Keune Care Line Keratin Curl Boost Spray


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