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As natural hair is embraced, we have all been looking for the best techniques to style, cut and color and the top products to enhance each individual pattern. With the elevated exploration of the potential of natural texture, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals needed to cut and style all textures – fine to coarse, straight to coiled. 

For more insight, join Sam Villa Culture AmbassadorAndrew Carruthers @andrew.carruthers as he hosts Creative Director, Teresa Romero @_teresa_romero and ArTeam Members Anna Peters @annas_hair_retreat, Ellen Devine @Ellendevinehair and Roger Molina @rogermolinahair, for a journey into how to navigate classic and modern layering/graduation techniques of the new modern Firefly, trending Shags and Pixies, as well as multitexture styling for all hair types.  Thrive On: Monday, September 26th: 12pm - 2:30pm ET/11am - 1:30pm CT/9am - 11:30am PT on Facebook Live

“We’re focusing on more than just hair…we want to inspire creative thinking while motivating and entertaining stylists with real learning experiences,” says Romero.  “Stylists will learn new techniques, along with the where, how, why, and when to apply them based on the natural texture of the hair they’re working with.”

Highlights Include:

  • Maximizing natural texture on the top of short hair by channel cutting in a crisscross pattern to create more volume and movement.  ClassOrganic Texture Trends for Short Hair with Teresa Romero.
  • Innovative diffuser techniques to add movement in natural curls by gently twisting the diffuser while in hair…and adding spot curls with an iron for balance and interest. Class: Curly Hair Styling and Finishing with Ana Peters.
  • Razor stroke, length, and grip - longer strokes add texture higher in the design and create softer ends…and a light grip helps prevent taking too much off.  Class: Razor Cutting to Enhance Natural Texture with Roger Molina. 
  • Assessing natural texture properly before adding layers and even doing a test cut.  Fine straight hair will lay closer to the head, and wavy/curly hair will bounce up and expand. Class: Layering to Enhance Natural Texture with Ellen Devine.

During the show a link will be shared to the full 2022 Sam Villa Haircutting and Hairdressing Collective brochure, an offering of 10 live and digital classes designed to take individually, collectively or customized.  To learn more from Sam Villa and Team, check out FREE weekly Facebook Live classes and 10-minute YouTube tutorials.