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If you’ve ever spent hours trying to style your curls only to have them end up looking nothing like you wanted, you’re not alone. One of the great truths of textured hair is that it can’t be forced. In fact, when it comes to styling your curly or coiled locks, it’s important to work with both your natural curl pattern and what your hair is doing that specific day. Rather than trying to manipulate textured hair into something it’s not, the key to creating a gorgeous look is enhancing your texture with a few, carefully placed touch-ups and finishes. 

Here, we’ve put together some of our favorite (and easy!) ways to perfect your natural texture for a finished look. Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or want to tame your mane with a few simple tweaks, we’ve got you covered. The best part? All of these tips take 10 minutes or less! 

First, Know What You’re Working With 

All textured hair is different. Knowing your curl pattern—and embracing what your curls are doing in the moment—is a key element of styling textured locks. When prepping for styling, consider the last time you washed your hair, the last style you had, and whether there are any products already built up in the hair. If your hair is dry, lightly misting it with water can make it easier to style. If you’re starting with wet locks, use the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to keep frizz under control. Prior to blow-drying, run a small amount of Keune’s Style Curl Cream No. 25 to activate curls and enhance definition while also protecting hair from heat damage.   

Add Definition 

One of the main ways to take your texture from blah to beautiful is by adding definition. If your curls are dense or tangled, use your hands to gently break them apart. Start at the ends and work your way to the root, using a light cream or serum for added hydration, definition, and frizz-control. We like Keune’s Care Curl Control Defining Cream, which emphasizes your natural texture pattern while adding softness and shine. Gently loosen and pull apart curls to enhance their natural pattern and shape. 

Frame Your Face 

When you need to tame your curls but don’t have a ton of time, focus on the area just around your face. Using a curling iron or wand (one with a barrel that is about the same width as your natural curls), touch up the strands around either side of your face for a more polished, face-framing effect. Finish the look with a light spritz of your favorite curl-enhancing spray, like Keune’s Care Curl Control Curl Boost Spray, for added bounce and softness. 

Activate Your Texture 

The best and easiest way to finish any look is to work with your natural texture—not against it. Create a tousled, carefree look by spraying a generous dose of texturizing hairspray, like Keune’s Style Dry Texturizer No. 61, to the roots and lengths, holding the can about 8 inches away from the hair. While spraying, use your other hand to move and loosen curls, ensuring even distribution and gently breaking apart any tangles.