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It’s official: Living Coral is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year and that means there’s no better time to incorporate some fun, punchy coral hues into your everyday look. The good news? Unlike 2018’s Ultra Violet pick, this shade is extremely wearable and flattering on most skin tones. Keep reading to discover five easy ways to sport embrace the year’s hottest shade and pick up top tips from some of our favorite stylists!

Sport all-over color


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Want to make a major statement in the New Year? A coral-toned dye job looks equal parts edgy and playful, making it the perfect way to soften a bold cut. The other great thing about living coral lies not only in the shade but the ability to transform it. On already pre-lightened hair this shade is easy to achieve and even easier to customize. 

Play around with subtle hints of color

Not ready to fully commit to coral tresses? Try coral balayage instead. You’ll get a casual, everyday look, with flirty peeks of color that will captivate attention. With Matrix's SoColor Cult shade, Starfish Coral, you can achieve this Pantone color in a pinch! The great thing about this placement is that it won't cause as much damage to your hair. Simply ask your stylist to throw in a few highlights and a gloss of coral!

Use it as a base shade for your nail art


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Obviously, Living Coral is a stunning shade on its own, but, if you want something a little more unique, play up its versatility by using it as a base color. Pair the hue with everything from bold neons to glittery metallics for a fresh, modern look. The reason why this works so well for your nails is the same reason it works so well for your hair. The customizability and the ease of matching a living coral shade to any skin tone!

Go monochromatic


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Because Living Coral isn’t too dramatic, feel free to sport the shade all over your face. Think: glossy coral eyeshadow, a coral lip stain and a subtle orange-pink blush. Spring trends are going to see an influx in vibrant colors both in wardrobe and in accessories. Living coral is a compliment to eyes of all shades and is a quick way to add a pop of color around the eyes!

Add glitter


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Craving a more intense look? Apply chunky glitter over any vibrant coral eyeshadow. For best results, wet a flat shadow brush before dipping it into the glitter, then gently pat the glitter onto the center of the lid.


The greatest thing about living coral is the ability to customize the shade. From a touch a pink to a tad of yellow, you can take this hue for a walk on the warm or cool side depending on the desired outcome. KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.ME team created these gorgeous swatches, all slightly customized to create a line of living corals. 


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