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For some, the time has finally come—after what feels like a decade without seeing our stylist, most of us are finally able to make our way back into the salon. And, even though absence absolutely makes the heart grow fonder, you may find it difficult to decide on your post-quarantine style. Do you go big in an attempt to finally curb your need to make a major hair transformation, or, do you stick with a more subtle style that isn’t a far stretch from the look you’ve been rocking the past few months? Either way, we’ve got you covered! Check out the top five haircuts that should be on your radar. 

Grown-Out Bob


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Unsure if now is the time to make a huge hair change? Play it safe with a mid-length style that looks better as it grows out. Enter: The “Grown-Out” bob. Think of the look as the bob’s effortless and laidback little sister, this ultra-flattering cut works on a variety of hair types and textures—and is less maintenance than its chin-length counterpart. The additional length offers more styling options, whether you want to add a few beach waves or tie it up in a chic low bun. What’s more, the style is essentially quarantine-proof—if salons close up again for any reason, you won’t have to worry about any awkward grow-out stage. 


The Shag


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Craving tons of texture and an edgy, retro flair? Look no further than this season’s shag. Perfect for women looking for a cut that’s easy to style, the shag is both wearable and low-key. The signature choppy layers can add texture to even the finest of strands, allowing you to apply some texture spray, scrunch the ends and head out the door in the morning. 

Choppy Bangs


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Remember how everyone advised against bangs during quarantine, no matter how tempted you were by the scissors? Well, now it’s finally ok to give into temptation—as long as your stylist is the one making the cut. Choppy bangs are definitely having a moment, whether they're front and center or side swept. 

Long Layers


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Want to give your longer locks some shape and body? Add in a few long layers to add dimension without taking away your length. You can get rid of any dead weight that’s weighing your hair down, and, in turn, add tons of natural volume. 

Short & Curly 


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Have you been embracing your natural curls during quarantine? Give your ringlets extra bounce with a playful chop. Whether you want a longer lob or a crop, allow your curls to take center stage with a shorter cut. Not only will the length give your curls more shape and definition, but you’ll also be able to stay cool during the blazing summer temps!