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at privé we are proud to be very hands-on in our product development. with the help of michael, our cosmetic chemist (who has decades of experience btw), we’ve created a beautiful combination of clean ingredients and well-crafted formulas to give you the best hair care possible. read on learn more about our ingredients, our facility and our rockstar chemist, michael!
we use the best ingredients
michael, our cosmetic chemist, is beyond passionate about quality ingredients, in fact, he promises – “we use only the very best raw materials, period. and that's a basic core belief.” we have quality ingredients all the way down the list and we only buy from the very best raw material manufacturers in the world.

and source the best water
even the water we use – which is a key ingredient in most of our products – is the best you can get. the tap water in our manufacturing facility tests at 22 parts per million (total dissolved solids). after filtering and de-ionization, our water is expected to be 0 parts per million. zero! so we are ecstatic to tell you that our products contain the cleanest water in america.

quick science lesson: water quality
total dissolved solids (TDS) includes anything in your water, like minerals, salts - anything other than pure water.
TDS affects taste, health and hardness factors of your water.
ideal drinking water is 0–50 ppm (we strive for 0!)
average tap water is 140–400 ppm
maximum contamination level per the epa 500 ppm
if you’re interested in the quality of your own water – we found a meter on amazon for you:
water quality tester, honeforest 3 in 1

we have a passion for quality
privé’s passion is about quality and performance, never sacrificing health and safety. our ingredients are the absolute best we can find, and often not the least expensive because we all know that cheapest isn’t usually best. once we have the very best ingredients to work with, we start formulating.

in-depth testing of formulas is key
as the formulas come together, each blend is evaluated for properties like foaminess, viscosity, and emulsification - each of these are tested manually by michael at home as mechanically/digitally, with specialty tools in the lab. once the formulas are close to ready, michael sends them to us, so we can test them too. our local testing panel is a group of women who are exposed to a variety of brands and products, so it’s like working with your friends and an experienced chemist to create products just for you! 

just like cooking
michael relates formulating to cooking – each formula, like any good recipe, is tested and adjusted over and over until it’s just right. some formulas come together easily, and some do not. many of our products went through dozens of drafts before we got the formula you have right now.

we are proud of our powerhouse blend
our powerhouse blend is a key element to our product formulas. unlike many other brands with special blends, our powerhouse blend is used à la carte - the oils and proteins are kept separate so we can pick and choose ingredients based on desired end results. each product is formulated individually – this allows us to create products with the very best performance.

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