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Blow drying your hair is not just a one and done type of deal, and it’s not as simple as jumping out of the shower, kicking up the heat until your hair is bone dry, and running out of the house for the day. Sure, that’s one way to blow dry your hair, but it is also the least effective way. The best, speedy blow-dry comes as a result of a healthy hair routine and thoughtful preparation. To speed up your blow-dry and get the best final outcome, follow this guide.

Have a Consistent, Healthy Hair Routine

Preparing your hair for a blow-dry goes beyond ten minutes before. It starts with how well you manage your hair on a daily basis. Are you shampooing a couple of times a week? When was the last time you deep conditioned your hair? Are you including self-care in your Sunday night routine? If not, you really ought to be. If you’re starting from scratch with your healthy hair routine, take the leap by using a hair mask once a week. A great one to use is KEVIN.MURPHY’S YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE.


Prepare for the Heat

To avoid unnecessary heat damage, it is crucial that you add serums to protect your hair before you begin blow-drying. There are two types of serums that will help speed up your blow-dry and keep your hair healthy while doing it. The first is a heat protectant serum. Applying a heat protectant like Redken’s Oil For All will help lock in the moisture of your strands, leaving your hair with a moisturized, shiny, non-greasy finish. Secondly, you’ll want to apply a product specifically created for smoothing. Using a heat-activated smoothing styler like KEVIN.MURPHY’S EVER.SMOOTH will help give you the silkiest blow-dry ever, while also fighting to prevent frizz! 


Section It Off

Once your hair is evenly coated in heat protectant serums, it’s time to separate it into sections. Depending on how thick your hair is, you can separate your hair in anything from 4 to 8 sections. Secure each part with Sam Villa Professionals Dry Sectioning Clips

Separating your hair into sections is the best way to ensure a complete dry. It’s also a great way to speed up your drying process as it ensures you don’t miss any sections, and can blow dry your hair all the way through on the first go!


Use a Top-of-the-Line Blow Dryer with Attachments

Finally, for the ultimate, speedy blow dry, it is advised you use a salon-grade blow dryer. Sam Villa Professionals’ Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer is a great option, as it’s complimentary attachments will help give you the perfect blow-dry. It’s important to use attachments when blow-drying your hair because the attachment is meant to help concentrate the air, which will allow for a more targeted blow dry. By focusing all of the heat on a particular section, you’re able to get a quicker finish, as well as ensure no strand gets left behind!