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Celebrities all over the world have been opting for shorter lengths this season. If you take your hair cut inspo from Kaia Gerber, we’re thinking you may have asked your stylist for the ever-elusive bob! Whether you picked to don a bob or a lob, or simply decided against your better judgment to finally get a fringe you might be missing your long locks. If you’re looking to grow out your style will ease try a few of these product picks and pro tips to ease the pain.


Amp Up Your Intake

Whether you like to increase your intake through veggies or want to ensure you’re getting what you need with a pill, amping up your vitamins will help get the job done. Opt for an option like Ritual with an easy all in one multi-vitamin, or take a peek at this guide about what to eat for healthy hair. It can often be difficult to notice if your hair is in fact growing faster, however, your eyebrows are a great indicator – you’ll notice the need to pluck more often!


Dial Back The Damage

The #1 reason why it is so important to get regular haircuts is because it actually promotes hair growth. When hair is damaged, knots and tangles can often lead to broken ends – resulting in shorter lengths. To promote hair growth, be sure you are using a reparative shampoo and conditioner on the daily like privé Damage Fix Shampoo and Conditioner.

Forget The Towel

When hair is wet, it is at its most delicate state. When brushing, use a bottom to top brushing technique and be gentle. Instead of wrapping hair in a towel, invest in a hair turban. You might feel like this is an extra inconsequential step in the process but terry cloth towels can rough up the cuticle and place excess weight on the strands. Using a hair turban will easily keep hair out of your face while drying with less frizz and tension. 


Eliminate Elastics

One quick and easy way to cut down on damage is by swapping out your hair elastics for the old school classic scrunchie!! Along with other sleepy time favorites, there are new releases that are wrapped up in silk and waiting to take care of your hair. Elastics can often put undue stress and tension on your strands, which is why scrunchies are the perfect pick.