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The proof is in the avocado mask, right?


Paused and contemplative, we often find ourselves closing the YouTube tab with nothing to actually act upon. From silk-pillow cases, to overnight masks that have you sleeping with produce in your hair; you often contemplate, but don’t invest. Is this beauty regime even realistic? You begin to further question the efficacy. Sifting through 1,000+ comments still has you left a skeptic. Chances are, the hair condition of that Internet guru was entirely different from your own, which is why you have yet achieved the same results.


How did we get hooked into the world of beauty blogger recommendations anyhow? The truth is, professional products are expensive and often times it seems as though only your stylist truly knows how to work them the right way. You have lost direction. You get your hair done in the salon and it is wonderful, but by the next week it seems as though your hair has fallen dull again. In result, the market has us tied to products we really don’t know all too much about. Yet we are all in the hopes for longer, healthier, better quality hair –and we want it fast.


On this endless quest, we fail to look at the most indicative factor of results – science.


Coming to the realization that your hair undergoes ongoing damage is not admittedly the most favorable thought. Dry, dehydrated, imbalanced, oily, and thinning are a woman’s most dreaded, overly descriptive for comfort, hair vocabulary. Here is where the importance of salon care is to be duly noted.

Salons that use Continuum experience such success with their clienteles overall hair health because of its bond restructuring system. Used in all color-processing formulas or as a stand-alone treatment in between services, the bond builder repairs your hair from its inner workings, out. Its unique formula allows you to push color extremes without damaging the hairs integrity. One of its favorably noted key facets is that you do not need to bump the developer. This outperformance means no risk, no breakage, dryness, or residue, leaving all else on your shelf delivering no more than subpar performance. The breakthrough in technological repair and color support has yet been matched. Delivering long-terms results without the side effects of buildup or diminishing color, softness, and shine.


Replace your heavy, oily mask with a once a week, take-home, RoTopia conditioning treatment to achieve and maintain these desired results.


If it seems too simple, it’s because it is. Science is at work, safely protecting your hair’s integrity from the effects of processing, while delivering bonds to the hair’s cuticle that will seal it tight, without the pseudo effects of most bond builders. If you don’t process your hair, but are in need of an effective hair mask, ask your stylist for the stand-alone treatment to get your hair back on track to being structurally strong and hydrated!


As this fall season rolls around, don’t find your hair drenched in a blend of pumpkin, seek Continuum in your next salon service and relieve your hair from its induced stresses.

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