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As times change and trends evolve, we’re learning that men’s movements have proven just as influential as women’s. Men are trying out color, varying lengths and, at times, even braids! In the latest collection from Ross Charles, he does a remarkable job of exploring differing textures, lengths, color, and finishes in his latest collection.

Drawing inspiration from a variety of different decades and with a focus on the ’70s, RECOIL brings retro looks into the modern day and gives wearable updates on classic looks. Dark and light have been used to show contrast and create shadow and depth. This collection pushes boundaries and showcases a range of textures.

What we love most about his collection is his ability to dance between color and texture, bringing each to life that much more. As the hairstylist, wardrobe stylist, and photographer, Ross Charles shows off his ability as a true artist from start to finish. Take a peek at the collection for yourself and let us know in the comments below which style you love the most and why!

Hair: Ross Charles

Photography: Ross Charles

Styling: Ross Charles

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