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We’ve seen everything from Barbiecore to Cottagecore the last few seasons, but as Botticelli,  Beyonce’s new Renaissance album, and Regencycore take over — renaissance-inspired beauty trends are making the rounds. The latest looks have inspired a new era: Royalcore

Royalcore Beauty Trends

This romantic aesthetic pulls looks from our favorite Netflix binges and features bushy-brushed brows, blushing beauties, dewy finishes, and perfectly imperfect undone movement. 

How This Trend Applies to Makeup


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As with every empire, Royalcore makeup is all about individualization. However, a few key traits that stand out include impeccable dewy skin and the addition of blush at every chance. We’ll see a return to an all-over highlighter to create a natural glow and glosses to enhance natural lip tints. To add flair, an extra dash of shimmer, glitter, or jewels could be added to cheeks and eyes. 

Royalcore-Inspired Hair Trends


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The recent Botticelli Wave and Botticelli Bob trend align with what we love most about Royalcore. The fluffy finish and ethereal feel created by brushed-out curls and unwavering lengths tie right into this trend. Alongside styling, we’ve also noticed a shift toward natural and neutral-toned hair colors indicative of this era. To coincide with this, we’ll still see sun-kissed highlights and global glosses taking center stage. 

Why This Trend Has Become A Hit

After a few years of harsh realities, the fantasy and escapism that comes from Royalcore is precisely what we need. It allows us to dress up our looks with a little something extra.