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With the pandemic still looming and Mercury in retrograde firing off, many clients may be looking for a big change. From a drastic chop you’ve thought about season after season to a dramatic new hair color – being able to reinvent yourself can be one of the most freeing and rewarding experiences, a client can make. As hairstylists, we often have the privilege to help you meet your goals. And, while there is nothing more satisfying than a major transformation, part of our job is to help you figure out if and why those #hairgoals will fit your lifestyle.


Major Life Moments & Major Transformations

It has always been said that as hairstylists we sometimes take on the role of amateur therapists. Usually, we have a fair idea of what is going on in our clients’ lives, even those who are fairly private. Big life changes (or a pandemic…) can trigger a need for change and people often focus that energy on their appearance. Graduations, marriages, divorces, new babies, empty nest syndrome, breakups, and makeups are all contributing life changes that can spur a new look. While it is not our job to pry or assume, sometimes I like to offer subtle or more temporary options that will still invoke the feeling of change if I believe my client may later regret their choice. Try encouraging your client to ‘sample’ their new vibe before ‘committing’ to it.


Maintenance Reality

Sometimes we know our clients better than they know themselves. If you have a client who routinely misses touch-up appointments, doesn’t believe in the power of professional products, and swims 7 days a week – a platinum blonde color and a full head of extensions may not be the best option. However, if that same client decides to make a major transition back to their natural color and cut off a significant amount of damaged ends, this could be the perfect fit. Try asking your clients a bit about their lifestyle before encouraging any major changes and be candid and open about what maintaining their goal hair will look like. Some questions to ask are:

  • How often will you be able to get your hair touched up or trimmed?
  • What products do you currently use at home and are you open to trying some new options?
  • How often do you wash your hair and do you routinely go in salt water or chlorinated water?
  • What is your styling routine like and how much time can you dedicate to styling your hair?


How To Say No

What happens when you’ve explained that a hair goal is less than ideal for your client’s face shape, hair type, and/or lifestyle, but they still want to go for it? Continue to suggest alternatives that balance their goals and reality, it’s perfectly valid to stand your ground as the expert and honor both your clients’ hair and your reputation. In the end, clients value an honest communicative hairstylist with vision and talent.


For temporary changes

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Written by: Nicoletta