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There’s nothing more precious than our beauty sleep. But did you know that some of our most coveted sleeping habits are wreaking havoc on our locks? From constant tossing and turning to sleeping on rough cotton sheets, our hair often takes a beating while we snooze, resulting in breakage, tangles, frizz and more. The good news? You can still have gorgeous strands without sacrificing those precious Zzzs. Ahead, our top tips for protecting your hair while you sleep. 


If you have curly hair….

Pineapples are your BFF

Most curly girls know that there is a science to achieving a head full of gorgeous ringlets. That’s why the absolute last thing you want to do is smash your curls against your pillow while you snooze. Your best bet? Utilize the “pineapple method” every night: Before you hit the sheets, gently gather all of your curls on top of your head in a loose ponytail or bun, creating a “pineapple-like” shape, then secure it using a soft scrunchie or a no-crease hair tie. If you have extremely thick hair, create multiple “pineapples” instead. In the morning, gently take out the ponytail or bun, apply a little bit of water and product to reactivate the curl and you’ll be ready to head out the door. 


If you have wavy strands…

Bump up your braiding technique

Sleeping on your waves at nighttime can feel like a gamble: You either end up waking up with gorgeous, beach waves in the A.M., or, you open your eyes only to find a head full of insane frizz. One way to preserve your style while you sleep? A loose braid. Think about it: How else can you naturally add texture to your strands? Whether you opt for a single side braid, a French braid or a dozen microbraids, a good braid will not only protect your strands, but it will also enhance your waves. For best results, apply a dime-size amount of a hair serum or oil to add moisture back into your ends, then braid your hair and secure it with an elastic-free hair tie. In the morning, gently release the braid, then finger-comb your hair for gorgeous, frizz-free waves that will last all day. 


If you have a fresh blow-out….

Bun it up 

There’s nothing worse than spending your precious time and/or money on a gorgeous blow-out only to wake up to a dented, flat mane in the A.M. So what should you do? Always put your hair into a loose bun before climbing into bed. Gently pull your hair up, then twist the ends into a ballerina bun and secure with a large clip, rather than a hair elastic. By pulling your hair on top of your head, you will preserve volume and maintain smoothness, while twisting the ends will help you maintain that “round brush” finish. 


If you have natural texture….

Invest in a silk pillowcase 

Those with natural texture know just how damaging standard cotton pillowcases can be. Not only does the fabric mess up your style, it also causes breakage and frizz. To protect your gorgeous texture, swap your standard pillowcase for a silk alternative. Thanks to its smooth, buttery texture, the hair glides across the fabric while you sleep, allowing you to maintain your style longer. What’s more, unlike porous cotton, which absorbs the moisture from your hair, silk helps to lock in hydration, which, in turn, will help your hair look softer, smoother and shinier in the morning. But fair warning: Not all silk pillowcases are created equal. For the best results, look for fabrics with a high momme (mm), or fabric weight, and keep an eye out for mulberry silk, which is the highest quality of silk available. Not in the market to spend hundreds on a pillowcase? No problem! You can experience similar results with a lower quality silk or charmeuse satin.