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True or false: You can get acne on your scalp. If you answered “False,” then you’ve probably never experienced the itchiness, inflammation, and irritation that accompanies painful scalp breakouts. If you answered “True,” then you may already be all too familiar with scalp acne, aka “folliculitis,” and looking for help. If so, you’re in luck! Here, five tried-and-true ways to treat scalp acne and kick it to the curb once and for all.


Tip # 1: Deep clean your scalp regularly

You wouldn’t go to bed with a full face of makeup on without expecting to experience a breakout or two in the morning, right? The same can be said about your scalp. Items such as product build-up or excess oil can clog the hair follicle, resulting in acne. To alleviate the issue, use an exfoliating shampoo formulated with antibacterial properties to deep clean, soothe irritation and rid the scalp of dandruff-causing fungus.

Our pick:

Keune Care Derma Exfoliate Shampoo

Not only does the formula’s active ingredients cleanse and calm the scalp, it’s also formulated with octopipirox, an active substance that prevents dandruff-causing fungi from multiplying.


Tip #2: Regulate sebum production

Another common culprit of scalp acne? Serum overproduction. While allowing your natural oils to nourish the scalp is crucial for your hair’s overall health, too much oil can clog the hair follicle and cause breakouts. Your best bet? Incorporate a balancing shampoo that will regulate oil production and soothe irritation and inflammation.

Our pick:

Keune Care Derma Regulate Shampoo

Formulated with bio-sulphur and betaines to calm the scalp and slow excess oil production, this powerful formula leaves the hair soft, manageable and squeaky-clean.


Tip #3: Apply products tailored to calm your scalp

Irritation and allergies impact 60% of women and 40% of men on a regular basis. With scalp issues, and therefore scalp care, on the rise, it has never been more important to pick products that are tailored to calm those issues. Free of sulfates and parabens with a low allergen fragrance, Care Derma Sensitive reduces the risks of allergic reactions while softening strands and adding a silky shine to the stands! 

Our pick:

Keune Care Derma Sensitive Shampoo

Formulated with glycerin, symmollient, and allantoin - this essential mineral complex hydrates, heals, and prevents further irritation.

Tip #4: Wash your hats, helmets, beanies regularly

Your scalp, much like the rest of your body, can get sweaty throughout the day, and wearing the same hat day after day can cause breakouts. What’s more, the constant friction of wearing a hat or helmet for hours on end can clog your hair follicles. To avoid unwanted breakouts, wash your hats and beanies once a week and wipe down your helmet with rubbing alcohol.


Tip #5: Wash your hair

You may have heard about women going 5, 7 to even 10 days without washing their hair, but we promise you, it’s not good for the scalp. Sure, going a few days between washes allows the natural oils to travel from your scalp to the ends of your hair, but allowing those oils to sit on your scalp for too long can actually have adverse effects, including slowing down hair growth. Do your scalp a favor and wash your hair regularly, ideally every 2-3 days to prevent build-up and give your hair follicles a chance to breathe. Within a few weeks of exfoliating washes, along with routine scalp treatments, your scalp acne should be long gone!

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