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The oil our scalp naturally produces is called sebum which helps moisturize our hair and protect it from getting dry and breaking off. It is especially effective at keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny when you allow it to reach your ends. Allowing the sebum to reach your ends often means skipping a couple of wash days, which can have your hair looking “greasy”. If you want to hide the “mess” while continuing to reap the benefits of the natural oils, follow along these steps for perfect second-day hair!


The key to hiding the oil that has found its way in your stands always starts with how you prep your hair. Your first step should be brushing it out - either with a Tangle Teezer or with a paddle brush. This will instantly make your hair look cleaner and ready to absorb the dry shampoo. Grab your dry shampoo, spray it on your roots and rub it in, not only to absorb the excess oils but to add a little volume and create the illusion of fullness. Sebum often weighs our hair down, so StyleLink Mineral Play Back Dry Shampoo gives you roughed up hair with a little bit of body.


Add more texture to your hair by putting some waves in it with Bio Ionic GoldPro Digital Styling Wand. You don’t even have to section off your hair because there’s no need to be perfect. You want to create a natural looking bend by wrapping one-inch strands around the styling wand and away from your face. This step is going to give you a purposefully messy and textured look in no time, instead of the oily bedhead you woke up with.


Spritz your hair with a texture spray to hide the grit even more. Matrix StyleLink Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray dries matte so it doesn’t have your hair looking shinier than it needs to or leave it feeling crunchy - it adds an airy texture and a voluminous hold while looking and feeling windswept and soft.

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